Traditional business relationships and communication methods are changing. Being professional today demands a know how in cultural intelligence, etiquette and having the business advantage of knowing how to be distinguished from the competition. In a world where diversity, difference and multicultural environment becomes more and more common, it is important to understand effective cross cultural communication, when interacting with business partners. The business etiquette training covers a variety of skills and techniques to conduct oneself properly in a business environment, but can also be completely customized allowing organizations to implement organizational-specific requirements. Etiquette business skills include creating a great first impression, how to conduct yourself in and out of the office, body language, effective interactions, telephone and email etiquette, communicating in the office, international etiquette considerations and much more.

The training will allow participants to:

  1. Understand why business etiquette matters and how to improve business culture
  2. Understand the three components of business etiquette – appearance, communication, and behavior
  3. Know how to make a great first impression and how to dress appropriately
  4. Understand how to read body language
  5. Understand the details of introducing people in business contexts and how to remember people’s names
  6. Understand the art of conversation both in person and on the phone
  7. Understand how your personal style influences how you communicate
  8. Netiquette – Know the right way to behave online in a business context. Explore the do's and don'ts of email etiquette
  9. Understand the etiquette of how to deal with ethical dilemmas, personal issues, and colleagues.

The training can be completed as individual modules or as an entire course: