Networking Tips – It's all about the best in you

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It's all about the best! Networking people, networking. It is time to bring the best in you! I find myself doing this network thing a lot, you know going to conferences, meetings, dinner events and so on. Here I am sitting or standing in front of someone I have just met, and we are starting to present ourselves to each other and we are doing that work for the net, our net, and I am wondering, I am wondering if we really give the best of us when meeting with others? Since I am an Etiquette consultant, and I believe that I have a mission. A mission for all of us to be successful, kind and pleasant. I hereby give you tips for bringing the best in you in any given situation:   Introduction – please introduce yourself with your first and last name, and wear a smile while doing it as your name will be pronounced more clearly. Plus I love hearing my name, so when I present myself, a good way for making me feel at ease would be repeating my name. Shaking hands – touch, make a connection. Feel the handshake, make sure it has a nice feel. If you are seated, please stand up (if possible). Please do not offer your hand for a handshake above a table. Make that extra effort of approaching your partner. Letting other people join in– opening circles of introductions and letting other join the conversation makes you a good host in that little spot you have just conquered.  A nice thing to do would be, to introduce those you have already met to others in your little territory and when you feel it's time, move on nicely to another spot or circle, mingle around. Say excuse me when you dance away, and look for new faces. Choose your words – I met this guy once, which had a very impressive look, we started to talk and I found out what he was doing, which was very interesting.He started to get carried away with his examples and explanations, and then started to use words like "Shit" and "Fuck" (excuse me, this is reality talking). Very quickly I found myself not too interested in what he had to say. Come-on man, I just told you I am an etiquette consultant, please don't use that language with me, Thank you! When talking about your competition, whether you have been asked about it, or it has been brought up by you during the conversation, make sure to talk positively about them. Present your strengths and not their weakness. Yes you can stop using the word "NO".  This is how it should be done:...

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