Welcome to Israel – It is my pleasure to present beautiful Israel, its culture, people and a few more tips. Israel has a dynamic, colourful, creative and diverse culture. A unique combination of cultures from all over the world; just by walking down the street you can , absorb the different cultures, languages & styles. You are invited to: Enjoy the People, Enjoy the Weather, Enjoy the Food, Enjoy the Music, Enjoy the Land, Enjoy the Beaches,
Enjoy the Energy, Enjoy the Love !

Tip # 1: Standing in line etiquette

Well…It depends. Line formation in Israel varies; it could take form of a straight line, zigzag, or a crowd of people. When ever in line… Look. Feel. Ask and you will do just fine, also a great opportunity to make friends.

Tip # 2: Tipping Etiquette

At restaurants and coffee shops tipping is expected and not included in the bill. Average tipping is 12%. When arriving a restaurant do wait for the host/ess to take you to your table. Service is relaxed and informal at most places.

Tip # 3: Dinning Etiquette

Dinning etiquette is usually informal, “all is good” : Fork and knife, fork and spoon, the “hand”. Some Israelis may keep kosher for religious reasons (keeping kosher means not eating pork, shellfish, also mixing dairy and meat is not allowed) you might take that into consideration when going to social or business meals. You may ask your host or follow what he orders. Western utensils are used throughout Israel, and dining is done the Continental way, with fork in the left hand and knife in the right. Hummus, Falafel, Sabich and Shawarma can be eaten with the hands. The Israeli toast is "LeChaim" for "Cheers" and "Beteavohn" is for "Bon Appetite".

Tip # 4: Communication Style

Most Israelis are informal. Using first name basis is the norm and allows for a comfortable atmosphere. In business and formal situations titles and surnames may be used at the initial of the meeting, however very quickly you can shift to personal names. Israeli people love to talk and allow themselves to discuss personal issues very quickly. Israelis speak in a straightforward manner. Be aware when talking about politically sensitive issues such as the Arab-Israeli conflict or the Holocaust. Talk about sports, food and the weather.

Tip # 5: Body language

Israelis are energetic, love to be direct and at times loud. Using hand gestures is a very common. Kissing, touching and hugging is very common. Shaking hands is the normal way of greeting . Personal space is much smaller in Israel than in North American and Europe. Israelis will put a hand on your shoulder or your arm during conversation. Make sure to wear a smile – Israelis love good energy and tend to react to a good and relaxing atmosphere. Always smile.

Tip # 6: Social Media Etiquette

WhatsApp, Facebook, Messenger and Instagram are the most common social media platforms. We are top users of social media. Interaction is direct, quick and informal.

Tip # 7: Punctuality

Sometimes we are right on time, and sometimes we are just about to arrive in a few moments… Just for you to know ⏲😊.

Tip # 8: Religion & Language

Religion divides in Israel as follows (based on Central Bureau of Statistics): Judaism (75%), Islam(17.8%), Christianity (2%), Druze (1.6%), other (3.6%) . It is most important to respect all cultures and religious views. Keep in mind when interacting with others, dress code differs from religion to religion. Be aware of religious places where dress code is modest. Women should cover their shoulders and knees, men should wear kippah or a hat. Working days are Sunday through Thursday. The Shabbat is the Jewish holy day, businesses are closed from 3pm Friday until Saturday evening. The official Language is Hebrew, other common languages: Arabic, English, French, Russian.

Tip # 9: Dress Code & Weather

Dress code is relaxed and easy going. The Israeli weather is very comfortable. Winter is relatively short and not very cold. Summer is HOT. Spring and Autumn, are just perfect. Suits are not very common, mostly seen at formal events, conferences, and law firms .If you are on a business trip, it is recommended to check the dress code in the specific company you are visiting (it may be casual or business casual). If you are a tourist, enjoy, relax and come as you are 🕶.

Tip # 10: Taxi Etiquette

When taking a taxi, the driver is going to be your best buddy for the ride. Do ask to run the meter or ask in advance, when ordering the taxi for the cost of the trip. Tipping the driver is optional, usually not expected . Have a blast, enjoy the ride.