Increased globalization has been one of the most important developments in in the past decade. Business across borders has grown significantly.  In the twenty first century, the ability to conduct business effectively with trading partners around the world relies on cross cultural knowledge and cultural intelligence.
Savvy companies who view the development of international business etiquette and communication skills as a strategy will have the business advantage and will distinguish their company from competing firms.

Being attuned and aware to cultural diversity is essential in business interaction. Companies who fail to understand the importance of cultural differences will result in embarrassing and unprofessional encounters with business partners, which may harm the business relationship. Cultural diversity will be revealed at daily practices and business situation such as: Greeting, Handshakes, Table Manners (Business Meals), Body Language, the Spoken Words, the Written Word (email, texts messages) and other face to face interactions.

Intercultural communication will present one’s personal character reflected in his or hers behavior, projecting personal values, habits and etiquette.  Employees’ image and personal branding is the company’s image and branding, as the employees are the face of the company. It is crucial to maintain a business ethics and etiquette policy, combining both values and behavioral guides to enable all employees follow and present one united business image.This will create a polite ethical environment both in group (for employees) and out group (for business partners).

Rachel Mendelovitz is a Motivational and inspirational speaker, Etiquette consultant, and a researcher of the Israeli Culture.
Rachel Mendelovitz is there to bridge this knowledge gap for individual and executives by offering a range of Etiquette and business communication programs, training and workshops.

Lectures and Workshops Topics:

  1. Business Etiquette – Greetings and Introductions
  2. Body language – Posture, Poise and Presence
  3. Food and Table manners
  4. Netiquette
  5. Networking Etiquette – Knowing How to Connect
  6. Understanding the Self – Who am I?
  7. Business Values and Virtues – Code of Conduct and Ethics
  8. Cultural Intelligence – Meeting Others
  9. How to Deal with Workplace Cultural Diversity
  10. About the Israeli culture –  Business and Social Interactions,Manners and More

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